Amy Koughan – How to Become a Skilled Photographer

Photography is both an art and a science. Amy Koughan began studying photography early on in life and then made it her profession. She is an artist and a freelance photographer in Los Angeles, California and loves the challenge of creating a beautiful image. She has spent many years developing her skills as a photographer and has become an expert in her art and her profession. If you are working to become a skilled photographer, there are a few steps you can follow to achieve that.

Amy Koughan
Amy Koughan

The first step is to learn about your equipment. Take the time to learn about the different camera makers, and the different models of camera. You should also learn how to use film, or analog, cameras as well as digital camera. Understanding how your equipment works can improve the way you use it.

The second step is to practice. You should practice working with your equipment so that you understand how all of the features work. You should practice adjusting your cameras features to see how they affect your photographs.

The third step is to gain experience. You should work hard to find new areas to photograph and new subjects. Working with different forms of light and composition will give you the experience you need to become an excellent photographer.

A great photographer has a creative eye and a strong knowledge of photography techniques. These each can be obtained through either photography courses or through firsthand experience. Amy Koughan is a talented photographer who has years of experience behind a camera.