Amy Koughan – How to Succeed as a Freelancer

Freelance photographers often have to work extremely hard to get their careers started. Amy Koughan is a freelance photographer in Los Angeles, California and has a highly successful career. She worked hard to start her own business and has maintained her success for over a decade. She understands that in order to succeed as a freelancer, it is important to be organized, dedicated, and sociable.

Amy Koughan

Organization is key in any business. Freelance photographers work with several clients to help them document events or life moments. It is vital for these professionals to keep their schedules well organized so that they do not miss any important meetings and events. It is also important for these professionals to keep their client’s documents filed and backed up. Successful freelance photographers stringently maintain the business side of their career.

Dedication is an important key to success. Freelance photographers must be ambition and dedicated to their career. It is vital to actively seek new clients and to always provide high quality customer service. Successful freelance photographers always deliver a great product to their clients in order to receive good reviews and great recommendations.

Freelance photographers should also be sociable. It is important to make contacts and to network. These professionals are dependent on their reputation and the recommendations of their previous clients. Therefore, it is important for them to attend social events and make several contacts throughout the city they are working in. Amy Koughan follows each of these tips closely. She has built a successful freelance photography career by working hard and providing great services.