Amy Koughan – Running With Proper Form

Amy Koughan is a dedicated freelance photographer who is committed to capturing the best images she can in the field. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, where she lives today with her husband and child. Her loved ones and her surroundings constantly inspire her, and it is evident through her work as a photographer. Amy attended the Otis College of Art and Design, and didn’t limit her studies to just photography; she is proficient in a number of art forms, including film, painting, and sculpting.

Amy Koughan

However, when she isn’t working for any number of publications in the professional world of photography, she can be found running around the city, or some of the incredible landscape that Southern California has to offer.

Running to stay in shape can be a great exercise. Not only does it work your heart and lungs, but it also has tremendous benefits on the body as well, which includes physical strength. However, running with proper form is important because it can be the difference between getting faster, and getting injured.

The primary thing you want to remember when it comes to your running form is your strike. Make sure that with every step your take, your weight is forward into the ball of your foot, not the back towards your heel. When you strike the ground with the ball of your foot, the impact forces felt on the body radiate through your muscles rather than your bones or joints. This will increase the strength of your running muscles, and greatly decrease the chances of sustaining an injury due to overuse.