Amy Koughan – Running On Trails and Running On Pavement

Amy Koughan is a freelance photographer who is currently working and living in the city of Los Angeles, California. As a photographer, she is able to capture stunning images of landscape, local cityscapes, third world countries, and even war torn territories. She has been published by some of the most well known names in the artistic industry, and is devoted to make the world a better place through her passion and career.

Amy Koughan (15)

One thing she loves about living in Southern California is the opportunities she has in the outdoors. There are a number of national parks and trail systems that she is able to run and hike on whenever she wants, and she also has stunning beaches and ocean-side roads to run on as well.

Running on the trail is very different from running on the pavement. Although the terrain is more lopsided and not nearly as smooth, it is actually a softer surface than pavement, which means the force felt on the body over time is less than that compared to running on pavement. However, that being said, running on the trail adds a number of potential issues that the trail runner needs to be aware of.

You always have to be aware of what you’re stepping on. Unlike the smooth surface of the road, there are a number roots, rocks, and other obstacles that you could trip or slip on. Running on the trail also probably means more intense changes in elevation, which means more effort on your part. Make sure to bring some water and some calorie filled snacks for energy in case you’re out for a longer run.