Amy Koughan – Achieving Success as Freelance Photographer

Successful freelance photographers, like Amy Koughan, have learned through trial-and-error to master their craft while also mastering the art of small business. It is difficult to make a full-time living as a freelance photographer, but if that is an individual’s main goal, there are some important personal and marketing tips that should be taken into consideration.

Amy Koughan
Amy Koughan

Photographers who are new to the freelance business should take account of their strengths but also be willing to continue to learn and improve their techniques. Investing in internships or even online classes through or can help a freelancer develop stronger skills as she is starting her business.

The creation of a good website that is clear and provides direct information is a must for freelance success. The site should be developed in a way that makes it easy to navigate, and should be accessible in laptop and mobile form. Photographers need to be picky about what examples of work make the cut on the website; showcase the very best work, not every single picture ever taken. The website should also be active, meaning updated daily, and adding a blog to the site is a perfect way to achieve this online presence. A blog can help keep photographers grounded, and not consumed with work alone.

Amy Koughan and other profitable freelance photographers know that being quick to respond on multiple levels can win the job and result in positive referrals for future work. Photographers should respond to phone calls and emails as soon as possible, and work to get pictures edited and to the clients fast and efficiently.