Amy Koughan – Finding Continued Creativity in Photography

Amy Koughan, a freelance photographer and craft artist, knows that creative mediums like photography can often be in need of an injection of inspiration. Professional freelance photographers like Koughan still love photography as an art itself, and find that approaching photography in different ways can help them find a new avenue to pursue in their craft.

Amy Koughan

Travel is an important aspect of photography, even within one neighborhood or city. Taking a series of pictures in certain perspectives, frames, and lights of neighborhoods, bridges, corner stores, can allow the photographer to find commonality through art. This approach in itself can be inspiring by presenting the photographer with a new way to look at an area. Some photographers also challenge themselves by picking a particular topic to photograph — an object, shape, or color — and focus only on that chosen item for the day’s photos. Photographers can also have fun by creating a list and subsequent “scavenger’s hunt” to find items to photograph throughout the course of the day.

Freelance photographers like Amy Koughan know the important role that creativity can play in inspiring new perspectives and capturing excellent shots. Some photographers may take a specific period of time to try different lights and speeds, or even focus on black-and-white pictures only. Those photographers who specialize in black-and-white photos may gain an entirely new view of their work in color. Creativity abounds in photography, and many artists can find new ideas, motivation, and encouragement from interacting with and following fellow photographers in online groups to inspire each other to keep the creative fires burning.